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Last night: 
 ”I’m so done Niall. I can’t deal with this anymore. I can’t be strong like you.” You say. 
 ”Baby please. Let’s just delete your twitter. You know all that hate just means they want to be you.” Niall says. 
 ”Okay. Whatever you say. Since they’re just jealous you must think your irresistible. I’m sleeping in the guest room.” You storm into the spare bedroom and slam the door. You burrow under the covers and sob. You drift into a dreamless sleep. 

  You wake up and there’s a note that has been shoved under the door. You open it and it says “Had to go into the studio. Be back around 11. Don’t leave. We need to talk.” We need to talk? Ha more like you’re breaking up with me, you think. You look at the time and it’s 10:30. Perfect. Just enough time to shower. 

 As you jump out of the shower you hear Niall come through the front door, run up to the bathroom and knock. “Hey… [Y/N]… You in there?” he timidly says. “Yeah.” you say, cold and harsh. “Okay well can you come into OUR room when you’re done?” Niall says. Emphasizing the fact that you still have partial ownership. “Yep.” you say and you decide to take your time in there. 

 You finally emerge and walk to your dresser and put on your bra, panties, sweats and a tank top. You sit across from him on the bed and say, “Your note said we needed to talk.” He nods and takes a deep breath. “Look [Y/N]. I love you. This argument isn’t going to change that. I’m sorry for being insensitive. I know all of the nasty tweets you get hurt you. I’d also like to apologize FOR the tweets. I know I’m not the one doing it but if I wasn’t ME you wouldn’t have to deal with it.” He looks down before he continues. “It would kill me if this broke us up.”  He looks up and you see that tears have filled his eyes. “Oh Niall. Don’t apologize. I overreacted. I love you so much.”    He grins a little and you crawl over to him. You kiss his lips softly. He pulls away and says “I never want to have to sleep in this bed without you.” he grabs your neck and pulls you to him, leaning back so you would sit on top in him. You take initiative and deepen the kiss, forcing your tongue into his mouth. After your tongues wrestle for a bit you feel his bulge growing in his jeans. You grin as you continue to kiss him. You decide to drive him wild so you move your lips to his ear and your teeth graze his ear. He sighs as you move to his neck sucking on his sweet spot. He whispers your name and you know he won’t be able to take your teasing much longer. You undo his belt and slide off his jeans. Then you slowly slide off his shirt and throw off your tank top. He moves on top of you and kisses your naked stomach. Moving his way up then reaches the fabric of your bra. He reaches around your back and unhooks it. He tosses it to the corner and starts suckling on your nipples. You squirm and start to get excited. He slides off your sweats and panties at the same time. You don’t want to waste any time. You want him inside of you. Just not here… You grab his hand and pull him to the desk chair. You shove him playfully into it and climb on top of him. You slide yourself down his length. You both throw your heads back in pleasure. You start riding him and he kisses your neck while you moan his name. He pick you up, still inside of you, and sets you on the edge of the bed while he stands in front of you. He takes one of your legs, kissing it as he holds onto it. He gets a good grip and starts pounding away at you. You are about to cum and you open your mouth to tell and and your suddenly silenced by his short “Shh.” he really starts banging you and sad you both climax you yell out. He rides out your high and he fills you up. He slowly pulls out, releasing the built up pressure. He flops down next to you and tries to catch his breath. “That. Was. Amazing.” you manage to get out. He leans over and kisses you and says “We should fight more often, princess.” You giggle as he draws a bath for the two of you, expecting another round. 

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